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Born for wonder Part II

Check out the book here!

Born for wonder

Today we discuss the way that we make sense of our own world and experience.

Today I read another chapter from Ambitious Heroes & Heartache. 

Money & Culture

Today I read another sample of Ambitious Heroes and Heartache and then talk about the significance of the concept.  If you want to buy a copy of the Audiobook, click here. 

Do the thing

I was recently asked if I had advice for someone who was starting their own podcast. Today I break down four points worth considering before you begin any creative endeavor.

The Price of Settling

Today I air chapter 15 from my book Ambitious Heroes and Heartache

What, then?

Today is a follow on show from Monday's episode about expectations. 

In today's show, I talk with my partner Dr. Danielle McGinnis about the motivation behind her new show: Embodied.  To check out the Embodied Podcast, click here. To learn more abou...


To check out the audible version of Ambitious Heroes & Heartache, click here.

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