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Today I talk about some of the roles of ancient rites of passage rituals and what we can learn today. To apply for the Modern Man's Call or to learn more, click here.

Today I chat with Ben Fritz about using creativity as a way of approaching lifestyle design and personal development work.  Click here to learn more about Ben and his podcast. Clic...

This show breaks down a second way that life calls us into our personal adventure. To listen to the spoken word track I referenced in the show, click here.

Understanding the Call

Today I break down some of the ways that the call to adventure works in our lives. In order to apply for my upcoming Men's course, click here.

Today I air the first Deep End Podcast with Dr. Danielle McGinnis where we talk about the deification of science and the imperative to hold tension within ourselves.

Ready to wake up?

Most people will not wake up until they are no longer content to stay in delusion. Today, I explore this idea. To apply for my upcoming course exploring masculine psychology, click...

What about now?

Today's show is an inquiry into immediate purpose and meaning and how they might be obtained. For information on my new course, The Modern Man's Call: click here

Today I provide some insights into yesterday's journaling question, What would it mean if you were attracting every aspect of your life?

A teaching on Journaling

Today I give you some thoughts on how to use 'stream of consciousness' style journaling in order to create deeper insight into your life. To check out all of my interactive content...

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